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"From Farm to Bedside:
Global Health and Economic Development from Medicinal Plants"


About the IPI

From Farm to Bedside

Vision: Unprecedented Health and Wealth from Medicinal Plants


Mission: Providing the best Research, Education, Consultation/care, and Outreach with different stakeholders and over a billion people who use Medicinal Plants across the world.

Our story:  The International Phytomedicines and Medical Cannabis Institute (IPI) is a world leading collaboration initiative dedicated to dramatically increasing access to evidence-based medicinal plants  for global health and economic development. 

RESEARCH and Quality Assurance

Leading -edge research and superior product quality assurance


Providing world-class education  and training on evidence-based phytomedicines from farm to Bedside. 

Consultation on Medicinal plants

Providing consultation on medicinal plants based on scientific evidence


Providing win-win collaboration outreach to industry, government leaders and hundreds of millions of stakeholders across the world.

IPI  steering committee, investigators

Dr Wilfred Ngwa

Director:  Brigham and Women's Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Harvard, Medical School

Distinguished visiting Professor, ICTU

Dr Gary Strichtartz

Director of the Pain Research Center at Brigham and Women's Hospital,

Professor @ 

Harvard Medical School

Dr Jonathan Schoenfeld

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Dana, Farber Cancer Institute,

Professor @

Harvard Medical School

Dr Sayeda Yasmin-Karim

Brigham and Women's Hospital,

Harvard Medical School

Dr David Kerr

Professor, Oxford University

Dr Bashkim Ziberi

Program Coordinator,  Global Health Catalyst summits

Professor, University of Tetovo

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Learn about the IPI,  evidence on current medicinal plants under investigation, partners, scholarships and  opportunities for win-win collaborations.
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H.E. Dr Brylyne Chitsunge

Pan African Parliament Ambassador for Food Security

CEO, El Passo Farms, South Africa

Dr John Kress

Director of the Consortium for Understanding and Sustaining a Biodiverse Planet, 

Department of Botany

Smithsonian Institute, Washington 

Oscar Neba, MBA

Outreach Director, 

Global Health Catalyst

Dr Joseph Mancias

Professor @ Harvard Medical School

Dr Sulma Mohammed

Professor at Purdue University

Dr Eric Tanifum

Professor at Baylor College of Medicine

Dr Mandar Bhagwat

Massachusetts General Hospital

Harvard Medical School

Dr Ahmed Elzawawy

Professor and Chair of the Global Health Catalyst win-win initiative

Dr Stephen Avery

Professor @ University of Pennsylvania

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